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After meals
barb10562 posted:
Is 170 after meals terrible?
DavidHueben responded:
It should be less than 140 two hours after eating.

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mhall6252 responded:
Barb - it depends on what you were before you ate. It's not terrible unless your goal is to achieve a non-diabetic range. You should have goals provided by your doctor. Not everyone can or should aim for control in the non-diabetic range.

Another thing to consider is how quickly you come back down to your "normal" range. You don't want your blood sugar hanging out in the 170's for a long time. If it peaks then drops within half an hour or so, that's not really so bad.

When I was first diagnosed, I was given a goal of less than 140 for fasting, and under 180 for a two hour post-prandial. That was a long time ago but I've stuck with those targets. My last a1c (last week) was 6.0. I do take 2000 mg of metformin, though.
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karjomack replied to mhall6252's response:
Hello Michelle.

I was just diagnosed with Diabetes 2 and found your answer very helpful and encouraging! Although my first A1c was 6.9, which is below the 7.0 range, my doctor immediately put me on metformin and the glucometer. I have been dedicated to get control of the diabetes and walk 1-1/2 hrs a day to/from school with my grandchildren, which really lowered my blood sugar and took off 10 lbs!! My question is: I know that I must test my blood sugar 2 hrs after I eat. But during the 2 hrs after a meal, if I eat low carb/fat/sugar crackers, does the 2 hr start all over again? I usually test at below 150 after a meal, but tonite, I had 6 crackers and when I tested after 2 hrs of my meal, I tested at 161. Thank you so much for your response. Take good care of yourself also!

Thank you Karen
mhall6252 replied to karjomack's response:

It sounds like you are getting a good handle on your diabetes. Definitely keep up the good work!

Yes, if you eat something in less than two hours after eating a meal, there is really not much point in testing as the reading won't be accurate.

The real point of testing is to gain feedback on how your blood sugar is doing. And to see how you react to new or different foods. If you are going to eat an ice cream cone, for example, (and yes, you might want to as a special treat) there is no point in testing afterwards because you probably know the answer. On the other hand, if you want to see what a half cup of ice cream does to your levels, then test before you eat it and then two hours afterwards. That will really tell you something - how much a half cup of ice cream will raise blood sugar.

And keep in mind that diabetes tends to be bi-polar. You may not always react the same way to the same foods. That's because there are so many variables - how much exercise you get, if you had a stressful day, what other foods you may have eaten that might have an impact later in the day, etc.

Bottom line - do your best most of the time. Test to check for trends, don't obsess over testing, and keep up the good job with the exercise. Those grandchildren will appreciate a healthier you!

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