SweetSmiles35 posted:
Ive had asthma over 25 years and one of the side effects is High blood sugar-gluclose. I was hospitalized last year with a cold and having a asthma attack. I was admitted for 7 days and on Prednisone-250mgs a day- and also weight gain. Prednisone is only one of many side effects. My doctor on the third check up said you need to go to the hosptital. My sugar level was off the chart over 600 and my a1c over 13.
In the last year was on metformin and 2 insulin Novolog with each of my my meals and Latas for bedtime. Something worked for me was tappering down my prednisone and slowly losing the weight and my a1c was coming down. Now a year later lost 73lbs and No longer on any insulin. which i feel better. Dr has me taking metformin. My sugar levels are normall. Morning is between 73-80. before I eat 90-105 and 2 hours later I check what I ate was between 100-126. My a1c just had it check a month ago was 5.4 . Dr did say if im sick or need to increase my prednisone to watch my sugars they might go back up from being on a higher dose.
Wish everyone good luck out there and I love reading everyone stories on here..Thanks
mhall6252 responded:
Great job, SweetSmiles! Yes, prednisone is one of those drugs that can wreak havoc with blood sugar.

Keep up the good work!

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