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do i have diabeties
mrsstevens4 posted:
im 24 years old, 102 pounds, 5 ft 1.. i have 4 children, i had gestational diabeties with my first one... with my 3rd child i thought i did, but they told me i didn't.. heres my symptoms over the years
- every once in a while i get dizzy-blamed it on social anxiety or smoking too much
- my 3rd pregnancy- after eating a bowl of ice creem i felt very dizzy and my mother in law tested my sugar and it was over 500
- the other day after eating ice cream and chips i suddenly felt sick, light headed and i was sweating, couldn't really move. after feeling good enough to walk around i had my sugar checked and it was 255
- my pinkie toe on my right foot has been numb on and off for 2 weeks now

my new doctor tested my sugar last month and he assured me i didn't have diabeties because my glucose level was 76.. he told me the meter was wrong and my toe was numb from pressure.. i dont think he is a good doctor what do you guys think
Debsbears responded:
Hi Mrs stevens and welcome to the diabetes board.

We can not diagnose you or anyone else on the Internet, but we can make suggestions and give help.

I also had gestational diabetes with my children but usually after 6 months of having them the symptoms went away.

If you could test 2 mornings before eating anything this is what is known as fasting sugars and you get readings above 126 then I would suggest you go see an endocrine Dr. He/she deals with diabetes.

You also need to have your A1c tested this is blood work, that tells the Dr what your sugars are like over a 3 month period. The ADA says that anyone over 6.5% on their A1c is diabetic.

One other suggestion I would like it that if you know that ice-cream and chips cause you to feel strange with sickness, lightheadedness and sweating is to try not to eat them. Ice cream and chips are not something diabetics should be eating and if your readings are that high please stop.
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brunosbud responded:
1. Have mother-in-law show you how to test blood sugar.
2. Obtain inexpensive glucometer and test strips from walmart
3. For the net 30 days, log fasting glucose and one 2 hr post meal reading, daily.
4. For readings above 300, contact physician, immediately, and discuss options.
5. After 30 days, make appointment with doctor to discuss your readings.

If your fasting readings are consistently above 125 or 2 hr post meal readings above 140 and your doctor still insists you you don't have diabetes, then, you have my vote...

He is probably not a "good" doctor.

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