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DavidHueben posted:
Just a few thoughts/questions:

1. You are not old. Most of the people on this board are almost two times older than you.

2. Check your weight with a BMI calculator on the Internet.

3. Nickname change:

a) Does this really matter? You're still the same person.
b) You keep saying you are trying/working harder. At what?
c) What specific changes have you made?

4. Do you think you have diabetes or do you think you are pre- diabetic? Can you answer this question once and for all?
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mustang37b responded:
yes David, I feel I am changing for the good, yes just absolutely right different nickname same person, you are absolutely right but once I got tired of call my self denial, just was in a good name for me, because people saw through me by the name. One thing by changing that I notice about me that I don't say anything personal on the web M.D., yes I have problems but I notice I'm not the only one with problems that's what I've been learning in my programs that I go to, even having better relationship with my mom, my diabetes is much better yes it does go up and down, but I'll talk to my Dr. this week and tell. I think it's time to be a medication because the way I do eat, you all been telling me if I keep being all the junk food mounds of it my diabetes will be a lot worse than now not even if I get older yes in reality I'm not old but I am getting older we all are, for my weight it's true David I can get my weight under 142 anymore even how much exercise I do, when I was weight at the clinic I was 141 lost 1 pound only reason I lost 1 pound because they did not eat anything and exercise that day. I'm not saying I can't lose its but you have to admit it's harder now than I was 18, you have to remember back when I was 18 I was not on no medication for anything, even for the problems I had it was 21 I got onto medication. And medication May me gain weight.I'm starting to accept myself the weight is who I am and am accepting myself for it.Mustang

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