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Complication with diabetes
white115 posted:
Hi all, a few weeks ago my doctor told me i was perdiabeteic. So last few days I have been checking my blood sugar in the mornings and its been in the 102- 117 range. I have a family history of diabetes (both parents) so this really concerns me. My question is when does a person with diabetes start to have complication. My reason for asking this is because I have been having itching problems just right below my calves and my back. I really don't have any other symptom of diabetes that I have read about. Any info or suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks for your time!
mhall6252 responded:
It's impossible for anyone of us to know what is causing your itching, so my suggestion is you discuss this with your doctor. If you have dry skin areas, you might try using a moisturizer to see if that helps. Also, if you have switched laundry detergents, fabric softener, bath soap, etc...any of those things and more can cause itching.

It's best to check with your doctor or get a referral to a dermaatologist.

Good luck,
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Moody_Star responded:
Itching can be a sign of high blood sugar. I had itching for a long time and didn't know why. When I was dx w/ diabetes2 over 3 yrs ago, I looked up some articles on it and found some of them mentioned excessive itching can be a sign of diabetes, but the BG must be very high. Since I've been actively working to control my diabetes, I haven't had the itching. Of course, this isn't to say your itching is for sure due to your diabetes--only that it's possible.
auriga1 responded:
Complications from diabetes usually set in when one has uncontrolled diabetes for years. Uncontrolled diabetes is unusually high numbers on a consistent basis.

The ranges for blood sugars when tested first thing in the a.m.are between 70-110, two hours after a meal should be under 140 and between 70-110 before bedtime.

Since diabetes runs in your family, it would be best to start eating right, maintain your proper weight and exercising. Ask your parents how they manage their diabetes. Hopefully, the do. Any information you can get should help you.

I was diagnosed six years ago with diabetes. Uncontrolled diabetes. I have been able to manage it with eating less carbs, two insulins and exercise. I also have been able to keep my A1C between 5.8 and 6.0.

Itching has not been a problem, except for winter time. As we age, things happen. Sad, but true. The skin thins and becomes dry. Lotions are your best friend or a good shower gel that does not contain drying ingredients. They are out there.

If you can't find relief, talk with your doctor.

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