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Debsbears posted:
I have finally posted 2 posts on my blog today. I need to complete them on my health. A few have been following my Medical Mystery so I at least I put some things down for you. You may leave comments on the blog if you like or here doesn't matter to me.

In a couple of days I will blog more on what is currently happening. Thanks for being patient with me. Deb.
I shall wait upon the Lord and renew my strength.
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mhall6252 responded:
Wow, Deb! You've been through the wringer and back, and there is still so much more that you need to endure. I hope these diagnoses lead to some solutions, and soon. You've had to go through way too much, my friend.

I'll be anxious to read the next installment, and I hope it includes some relief for some of your issues.

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