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    An_247652 posted:
    My uncle has type 1 diabetes and has for a little over 20 years. He still can't control it. He has been to the hospital numerous times because his blood sugar has either gotten too low or too high. My family doesn't know what we can do to make him see what him not caring for his diabetes is doing to his body. Does anyone know of any effects this could have on him?
    dustnbones99 responded:
    Well to be blunt it can kill him or leave him blind, in kidney failure or without his legs. I'm pretty sure he knows this already though. Unfortunately, despite you love and concern for him you can't force him to take better care of himself. Maybe he should look into getting an insulin pump. I've heard that some people gain good control with one.
    rachelbeth2011 replied to dustnbones99's response:
    He had the insulin pump, however the company he was working for at the time moved their operations to Mexico and so went his health insurance. He has tried to get insurance but because of his pre-existing condition he has been turned down. The setups were too expensive for him because he makes under 13,000 per year. If it wasn't for the goodness of his dr. he couldn't afford any of his meds. The stress is killing him as well.
    Anon_74671 responded:
    what's his A1C? because really, what you describe is sort of typical of type 1 diabetes, ups and downs.

    Its not like type 2 where you take a pill and your fine.
    auriga1 replied to Anon_74671's response:
    Anon_74671, misconception regarding Type 2 diabetes. No two people are alike. You can't just take a pill and be "fine." One has to work at keeping their blood glucose levels stable, whether it is diet and exercise alone, diet, exercise and oral meds, insulin, etc.

    BTW, I am a Type 2 insulin-dependent diabetic and I am quite "fine."
    mustang37b replied to dustnbones99's response:
    Dusty do you know when, I have to take insulin or the pump for my diabetes, is it true that we all need insulin some point of our life, my Dr. told me my insulin is weak in my body meaning not getting enough insulin, that's the main reason he wants to try the Meds first, my AC1 was 6.7 still hi, is there any easy way to fight diabetes and eating right and exercising. I'm eating better and exercising with my mountain bike. But there is easy fix
    DavidHueben replied to mustang37b's response:

    It is not true that everyone eventually needs insulin.
    We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.

    - Winston S. Churchill

    JeffMedStudent replied to mustang37b's response:
    If you are eating better and exercising, and you're keeping your A1c < 7.0, you're doing what you can - and you're largely winning the war against diabetes, at least for now... and that is all you can do.

    All people with type 1 diabetes require insulin supplementation because their own bodies don't produce insulin.

    MANY people with type 2 diabetes never require insulin supplementation (and the risks of hypoglycemia outweigh the benefits of avoiding hyperglycemia in these patients).
    dustnbones99 replied to Anon_74671's response:
    I'm a type 2. i take my pills everyday along with 100 units of insulin and i'm far from fine. I have many complications and extreme highs and lows. Actually, over the years i've been on this board we have lost many type 2 members to diabetes complications. They all took their pills and none of them were "fine". Diabetes, both type 1 & 2, is a killer.
    dustnbones99 replied to mustang37b's response:
    I have no idea if you will someday need insulin. Ask your doctor.

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