accu-chek nano meter and test strips
An_247725 posted:
any one try the new accu-chek nano meter and strips. Does your insurance help cover the strips. looking to buy one but havent found a store that carries both meter and stirips.
mhall6252 responded:
I use One Touch Ultra and my insurance covers the cost of strips with a co-pay. Ask your doctor for a prescription for both if that's the brand you want to use. You might also check your insurance formulary list - sometimes they cover all the cost if you get their "preferred" brand.
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NWSmom4g responded:
I got a Nano yesterday, but I don't have strips or controls yet, so obviously haven't tried it out (earlier Roche meters came in a "starter kit" that included a few strips, and maybe control solution). I can't get stripe til I use up all the ones I have for my Mini...and that will take a few weeks. Maybe I'll just buy a small package of strips!

Will let you know if I like the new meter when I get around to using it.........

NWSmom4g replied to NWSmom4g's response:
Update on the Nano...rather the strips: Bought a package of 50 strips (smallest packaging) at Walmart yesterday: $59.95!
(Insurance wasn't an option, but will be in about 6 weeks.) The meter may be inexpensive...mine was a freebee...but if you have to pay for your strips, WOW! Still haven't used the system, waiting for the pharmacy to get some control solution in for me.