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dianer01 posted:
I have been on the same dosage glyburide and metformin for about 5 years and my morning numbers have been pretty consistent for a long time, usually 95 - 110. A couple of months ago the pharmacy changed the company they get the glyburide from and about the same time my morning numbers jumped to the 130-150 range and I have been struggling to get them back down. I checked with the pharmacy to see if I had the correct pill and dosage and they confirmed I did. My diet has changed for the better if anything because I am more aware of what I am eating to try to get these numbers down.

I am not sure if I should try refilling the prescription and try a new batch of glyburide or be calling the doctor. (3 month refill)

any thoughts?
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flutetooter responded:
I have also read from a national known diabetes doctor, that the brand name Glucophage works better that some of the generics know as metformin. Maybe your doctor can ask for a particular company.
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dianer01 replied to flutetooter's response:
Thanks Flute,

I think I will refill the prescription at another pharmacy and see what happens.

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