Howlong after I drink water is it easier to get blood out to test glucose levels?
blondie49424 posted:
I had a hard time getting enough blood out this morning to get a good test sample (and my meter doesn't require much). So my question is this: How long from the time I drink plain water to the point where there is more volume of blood in me so I have a good supply of blood to be tested?
dustnbones99 responded:
I've never tried drinking water to increase blood volume. When i have trouble getting enough blood for a test i just warm up my hands. I've found it's much harder to get a good drop of blood if my hands are cold.
flutetooter responded:
It might take a half hour, or more probably for drinking water to show up as increased blood volume. It will also thin out your blood and you may test lower than you normally would. I wash both hands in very warm water before testing, dry on a clean paper towel, and then shake the hand and finger that I will test, holding the arm in a downward position and also swinging it back and forth. Lots of blood in that finger right away!
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mustang37b responded:
What works for me to get blood out with my meter, I use hot soap and water. Wash your hands good and I noticed the blood comes out good that's my trick