OTWhat a venture I had today
mustang37b posted:
Good evening group, how is everyone doing? I'm still working on me. Each day my mental recovery gets better with mom, I've been eating much better and healthier foods that I buy. I eat breakfast in the morning start my day, today I rode my bike for five hours the funny thing I got lost but my mom bought me iPod for my birthday last year and I use the Google map work perfect. I got home safe, in my journey I needed air in my tire and back on the road in-home, I've had a great day eat very healthy today for my dinner and my lunch, you'll know I still get meals on meals there great organization, since my medication has changed for the past two weeks I've been having weird dreams my father in the and other friends can't get into too much detail on here about the dream but I think it's my conscience think about my father that he helping the past and he loves me very much, but it could be m on a lot of medication round-the-clock I'm feeling very great and happy and collected you all take care. tang