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An_247959 posted:
am 65 years old, have diabetes since 13 years,and am on medication only.i have hernia on the navel .when i ask the doctor for operation, he says when there is pain then you should have the operation,i my self am sacred ,as i have never had any kind of operation my problem is my penis was 4 inches ,when erect was 9 inches,now it is only 1 inch and when erect is only 4 inches.i have been to two doctors and ask them ,is this because of hernia,and all they say is we donot know. and the size is normal, i am ashamed to keep going to doctors,when they tell me it is normal .i hope some one can let me know .
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This is an excellent topic for the WebMD Men's Health Community .

Please click this link and use the orange "Post Now" button to ask your question there: You'll get great feedback and we have an excellent expert - Dr. Marks.

If you have diabetes related questions, you can discuss in this community.

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brunosbud responded:
Actually, erectile dysfunction is a classic condition associated with diabetes. Erectile dysfunction is mainly due to diminished blood flow to the penis. Excessive blood glucose (diabetes) progressively destroys blood circulation. Exercise and eating a healthy diet improves blood flow to every part of the body...and, most especially, the "part" you're concerned with.
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Thanks for chiming in bruno! I really appreciate your input here and in other communities.

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