Large Ketones but sugar isn't always over 300- should I be worried still?
Anon_137315 posted:

I am a type 1 diabetic. The last couple of days I have had moderate to large ketones, despite drinking a ton of water. My blood sugars have been out of control for a little while but during this space of time with the large ketones, they have been anywhere from over 600 to as "low" as 230. My question is this, is the large ketones still as dangerous if my sugars are not over 300 on a consistent basis or is it just as dangerous? Thanks so much in advance!!

Not sure if I should be worried
mrscora01 responded:
Yes, it's just as dangerous. You are in the early stages of dka and with this comes other things like electrolyte imbalance. If you cannot get your sugars under control you need to see the doc or go to the emergency room. This situation is dangerous.

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