Trying again with the diabetes and fitday
mustang37b posted:
Hello group, how is everyone doing today? I want to let you all know my therapists talk to me and said you have to get real with you diabetes and your health, your mom can do it I can suggest you what to do, but bottom line my therapist told me you have to make the effort and don't give up. So with that note, yesterday after my therapist pointed out I wrote in my journal and said to myself I have to get real recover mental health and diabetes, and decided to join the fit day website and track my food and get support, so that's what I did. I know saying it won't change some of your mind about my me. You all must be thinking I'm a broken record but I really need to change lifestyle change, so if you give me a chance to come into your life on the board and I will show you improve myself that I can take care my diabetes. I know it's not easy journey but I have to do to survive. I would like to be friends with you all again if you give me that opportunity I'll show you all tang