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IV D5 and high glucose level
freckles1963 posted:
I had a D5 IV and my fasting glucose level came back at 134. As far as I know I don't have diabetes would the IV cause a high level result?
An_245101 responded:
I'm sorry but I do not know what a D5 IV is, could you tell us more?
freckles1963 replied to An_245101's response:
I think it means Dextrose 5% in a 1000 mg IV solution....would that affect my fasting glucose test levels?
An_245101 replied to freckles1963's response:
Dextrose is glucose - in what kind of IV solution? What was it mixed with?

IV Glucose can raise the blood sugars, so can a host of other medications IV and oral. What were they testing for if I may ask?
freckles1963 replied to An_245101's response:
Hi there, I was in my drs office for a follow up from ER. In her office I had very high BP, fast pulse and felt very weak faint. and have been having left chest pain/cramping.I have Celiac and MS and my dr is just trying to figure out why I have felt like this for 3 or so weeks. I have a King of Hearts moniter on also per my Dr. I am not sure what the IV Solution was I think just saline or something? I have been Prediabetic for a few months so when I had a high Glucose Level my dr wants to see me so I will see her on Wednesday. Thanks for your input
freckles1963 replied to freckles1963's response:
Hi again......also I am not a real big person...BMI 19 so good weight etc.....
Debsbears responded:
Hi I just read this - and yes the Dextrose or glucose 5% can raise your blood sugars especially if you are fasting. When I was hospitalized during a recent surgery they gave me that and my sugars spiked into the 170's.

I am sorry to hear you also have MS and Celiac Disease not sure what meds you take for those but it seems like just about every thing out there can mess with our sugars. Stress can also raise the blood sugars.

The best recommendation I can give because I am not a doctor or nurse would be is to buy a glucose meter and test strips from Walmart (less expensive) and test your morning sugars as soon as you get up before eating anything.

I have been told 2 morning readings above 126 is an indication of someone heading into diabetes. Also you could test 2 hours after eating a meal I was told to stay below 160 on the test strip. If you do have consistent high numbers I would also suggest going to see an endocrine Dr. I hope this helps Deb.
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