rhonda7960 posted:
I noticed about 2 hours after I eat my skin get warm, flushed,itchy and worse yet I seem to have a sickening sweet aroma. It was suggested to me that it could possibly be from ketones so I checked to see if I was passing it through urine but it was negative.My BS are usually around 95-114 when this occurs. Can someone please tell me what is happening? I was recently dx 7/12 and my PCP has no answer...
brunosbud responded:
Menopause, maybe
davedsel57 responded:

While I am not a doctor, it sounds like an allergic reaction to me. Perhaps an allergist for testing would be the next step.

Do you take any medication(s) around the time you eat? If so, that is what could be causing the symptoms. Or, maybe you are allergic to a something you consume at most or all meals.
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