these drugs almost kills me
sameer777 posted:
am replying after 12 months now can u imagine , how long it takes me to recover ..... but i still feel same crappy .....
sorru guys for late reply
An_245101 responded:
Sorry Sam you had problems with some of your meds for the past year, however you didn't clue us in as to what you are talking about. If the thread you were replying to was a year old it didn't follow you. Could you fill us in.
Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to An_245101's response:
Hi sameer777!

Here is a link to your post from a year ago so our members can catch up on what you are going through:
i am not sure i am diabetic?

Have you determined that you are diabetic? What food and exercise plan are you following and what medications are you currently taking?

Welcome back to the community!