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Thirsty Thursday - What Are You Drinking?
Haylen_WebMD_Staff posted:
We've explored this before but thought we could revisit in light of two new stories published this week:

Black Tea Linked to Lower Diabetes Risk

Do You Drink Enough Water?

I'm a 3 cups of coffee in the morning gal and I'm not drinking enough water during the day. I'm trying to remedy that by keeping a water bottle beside my computer (with a lid tightly screwed on!) and one in the car. Other than that, I'll have a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice a few mornings a week and an occasional glass of wine on the weekends.

What does your daily fluid intake look like?

davedsel57 responded:
Two-three mugs of coffee in the morning. My mother started giving me coffee with lots of milk and sugar when I was 5 or 6 years old. I love it. I have a little half-and-half in the first two cups then the third I will have black. Unfortunately, it has not stunted my growth or put much hair on my chest.

Throughout the day I drink 40-60 ounces (my 20 ounce water bottle filled two or three times) of plain water. I have another 20 ounce water bottle I use for flavored water. Lately it has been sugar-free Orange Crush powdered water flavoring. I also like the Grape Crush and Strawberry Crush flavorings. They taste delicious and 'feel' carbonated. So I drink 60-80 ounces of water per day.

I will occasionally have a cup of hot tea. I like herbal or Chiro-Klense which does what the name sounds like. When out at a restaurant I will often drink unsweetened iced tea.
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Debsbears responded:
Let's see I am only allowed so much beverage a day because of my fluid retention problem.

I have to keep track of it so I stick to it daily - 2 / 12oz of coffee, 7 / 8oz cups of water and 1 / 8oz cup of low sodium V-8 before bed. My Dr's have approved this so I am okay. Since I drink my coffee black I am still getting the necessary water for me.
I shall wait upon the Lord and renew my strength.
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DavidHueben responded:
I don't drink coffee anymore (ten years off caffeine). I just drink ice water.
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- Winston S. Churchill

Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to DavidHueben's response:
I tried to go "no caffeine" a few months ago because I was getting a little jittery. Alas, having 2 little kids, a job that starts at 6 am and swim meets on the weekend that start at 7 am are preventing me from going w/out my fix!

And I found this archived article to justify my love of java: Drink Coffee, Stay Happy?

betatoo responded:
I have my 3 cups of coffee in the morning. I usually have water with lemon the rest of the day, sometimes make up a container with veggies or fruit in it for a few days. I also will have a stevia soda, if others are drinking carbonated beverages. I have one beer a night two nights at bowling-Mich Ultra-low in carb.
auriga1 responded:
Two cups of coffee in the a.m. This is going to sound so nitpickty, but someone else brought it up to me. When we say one cup of coffee, what size is your mug/cup? I've seen mugs that probably hold two to three cups of coffee. I've got thermal mugs in my home that large.

I hope your cups are the standard fare of 8 oz. Otherwise, you may be taking in more caffeine than you realize. That's where the jitters might come in.

I arrive at work at 10:00 a.m. and the rest of the day is plain, old water all day long. Sometimes when I get home, a have a hankering for diet soda. The clear kind with no more caffeine. Diet Squirt for example.
auriga1 replied to davedsel57's response:
LOL, Dave. Has it made your hair curly, though?

You say mugs of coffee. Hmmm. More than 8 oz. each?
NWSmom4g responded:
Good morning! I'm drinking coffee right now, black hi-test, but it's the only cup I'll have today. Have already drunk a 12 oz glass of water (to wash down my meds), and will drink at least two more today. There will be several water breaks during the day. I usually drink two diet sodas (12 oz) a week, on the days I volunteer.

Would love to join you in a glass of fresh orange juice, but I almost never drink juice of any kind, prefer to get my fruit carbs with a dose of fiber, so just eat the fresh stuff!

davedsel57 replied to auriga1's response:
Not curly, but wavy.

Our mugs are 12 ounces. I had used the word 'cups' but changed it to 'mugs' before submitting the reply.
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davedsel57 replied to NWSmom4g's response:
"Would love to join you in a glass of fresh orange juice" - do you think you both would fit??
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auriga1 replied to davedsel57's response:
I know I wouldn't fit. And we'll leave it at that. LOL.
NWSmom4g replied to NWSmom4g's response:
My cup is only eight ounces. Would love to have a larger one, but my arthritic hands and wrists aren't strong enough to heft a big mug!

NWSmom4g replied to davedsel57's response:
Nope, but we could each have our own.
confused replied to NWSmom4g's response:
2 mugs of decaf with splenda and non-dairy creamer in the am.

After that I try to keep a 12 oz. glass of ice water, ice water with lemon, or diet ginger ale next to me through the day. I tend to get in about 8 glasses of liquid this way.

Occasionally I will drink Almond Milk, the plain unsweetened stuff, I find it tasty and the calcium is good for me.

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