Is "Pre-Diabetic" Type 2?
An_249016 posted:
I wonder if pre-diabetic is like what "borderline" used to be until, the way I understand it, they started calling "borderline" type 2.

It seems to me that more people could be helped more with the label of pre-diabetic, if they were given glucose meters, too. (My friend is pre-diabetic and hasn't got a clue what his blood sugars are...and he doesn't know what to do in general. A meter would anchor him.)
davedsel57 responded:
Yes, pre-diabetic is what borderline used to be and they both refer to Type 2 Diabetes. The standards are that two consecutive fasting blood glucose readings between 100 and 125 show probable pre-diabetes.

In an ideal world, everyone who needed one would be given a glucose meter. In the real world, the meters and strips are inexpensive and readily available at many pharmacies including WalMart.
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bastet replied to davedsel57's response:
Thanks, Dave, for your reply.
DavidHueben replied to bastet's response:
The two fasting glucose tests must be done on separate days.

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