A different neuropathy question/Dr Dansinger
hootyowl2 posted:
Sometime this past year I began having odd symptoms that might be neuropathy related, but I am not sure. I get a severe burning sensation all over my body like a really severe sunburn. The other day it happened in the daytime, and my skin is also a very bright red color with it. Before it was only in the night and would keep me awake. I think it is happening several times per month so far. It is NOT the same as my female hot flashes at all--those make me hot and sweaty only.

The symptoms for this:
1.extremely painful burning sensation, like a 2 or 3d degree sunburn
2. over most/all of my body
3. skin hot & dry & dark red during the episodes only

Any ideas on what it could be?

I did tell my doctor about it during one of my visits. And I emailed her over the holiday about the dark red color of my skin. She was not real sure what to make of it either.