Ok So I need help.......
Ssb51788 posted:
My mother has had Diabetes for 7 yrs now. Here recently She's been talking in her sleep, falling out of bed & talking about things that dont make since...

I want to help her so bad, She's very picky about what she eats. Most of the time she doesn't eat good at all. But this is not the reason I'm writing.

I'm writing to ask anyone why is my mom talking crazy??? Why is she having such a hard time sleeping?? PLease help me with advice on what I should maybe try?
mhall6252 responded:
We really can't diagnose here. I think you need to take her to her primary care physician who may want to perform some tests to determine what might be wrong. I have found that as I got older, I haven't slept really well. So it could be somewhat normal. But the talking crazy part is territory for her doctor.

Good luck and let us know how she's doing.

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davedsel57 responded:

Michelle is totally correct about taking your mother to see her doctor asap. Could be the diabetes, could be something else like Dementia. Time to get this properly diagnosed and treated.

I hope this all works out for the best.
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