Meds changed, BG readings now very high
An_249384 posted:
My meds were recently changed and since that change my BG readings have been all over the place and I can't seem to get them back to 'normal'. For many years I was in pretty good control under my previous doctor, for Type 2 I was on Actos, Glucophage, Glyburide and 54 units of Lantus insulin daily. Earlier this year I had to move because of work and went through the process of finding a new doctor. She advised me my meds needed changing and she took me off Actos and Glyburide and increased my dosage of Glucophage and Lantus (now up to 80 units). Since the change my BG readings look like a roller coaster up and down, up and down and I am increasingly worried what effect this is having on my well being. Every time I go back (and I am going every two or three weeks) she tells me it is too early to get "aggressive" with the treatment and just ups my insulin amounts.

What can I say to her to try and get this under better control? My 14 day average is 163 and my 7 day average is 171, both of which are much much higher than I am used to seeing. Is it time to try another med that might have the same effect as the Actos/Glyburide combo had?? I am a 59 yo male, I have not changed anything else in my lifestyle since the meds were altered.

mhall6252 responded:
You should definitely schedule an appointment to review how things are going and ask for some adjustments. Actos now has a black box warning advising people to use it for no more than a year because it can cause bladder cancer. So it's good that your doctor made a change. You just need to find the right combination.
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