dhueben passed away
mhall6252 posted:
David Hueben, a long-time member of this community, passed away last Friday. I thought many of you would remember him and want to know.

He was a good friend who struggled badly with depression after suffering detached retinas in both eyes.
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2young2Bgrandma responded:
Oh dear. My thoughts and prayers are with his family at this difficult time. No time of year is a good time for these things, but during the holidays make it so much harder on the families.

I am not a frequent poster, but David was always so thoughtful and helpful. He will truly be missed.

Again, prayers for his family.

mrscora01 responded:
Thanks for the update Michelle. I know he hadn't been posting much lately. I always wish I could have done more for him. This is the dilemma often with online friends.

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Debsbears responded:
Oh my Michelle, I wrote/ emailed him on Sat. and he never returned the email which is not like him - so I just picked up the phone and started dialing his number when I saw this.

Thank you for letting us know David H will be missed by many for all that he did. I will miss him greatly as he too was a friend of mine.

My prayers go out to his son and other family members as this has to be very hard for them. Deb
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davedsel57 responded:
Oh my! I was just thinking about him this morning. He was very knowledgeable about Diabetes and a valued member of this community who will be missed.

He definitely will be missed. I will pray for condolence and for comfort for his close friends and family.
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NWSmom4g responded:
Michelle, thank you for letting us know this sad news. He will be missed.
Phototaker123 responded:
I found this out yesterday! So sorry about hearing this, Michelle!
Thanks for posting it to the WebMd Community.