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    The battle of exercise and blood sugars
    klisenby posted:
    Hi, Ive had type 1 Diabetes now for 20 years and yet I continue to struggle with the balancing of maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and exercising! I either scale back on the dose because Im afraid of going high, or dont seem to eat enough to keep from getting low! Imean, who wantsto eat so many carbs right before working out! Is there a way to calculate how your blood sugar may drop based on exercise? Thankfully, my insulin pump is coming tomorrow so im hopefull this will help with flexibility. But any and all tips would be wonderful! Thanks!
    auriga1 responded:

    I so sympathize. I wish I could help as I am in the same shoes as you are. Though I'm a Type 2, I am insulin dependent using two insulins. You have many more years on me. I was diagnosed six years ago.

    I have a job where I am active the whole time I'm at work. Four hours straight of non-stop activity. It's not structured exercise, but I am moving and lifting constantly. Every single day I go low, having to take glucose tabs. I serve lunch, so it's obviously lunchtime for me also. I am able to graze through that plate, but it takes me an hour and a half most times. Actually, I wind up bringing home half my lunch to finish. Obviously, I can't figure out how many carbs to eat either. Do I need to start the day with a 250 BS? Working will then bring it down, but who wants to do that. I never want to see the 200's again.

    It's bizarre because my dietician wants me to stick to 35-45 grams of carbs per meal. I thought that was too high, so I usually stick to lower than that. But as I said, I don't take the Humalog at work as the activity lowers my BS throughout my shift. It's the Lantus that is affecting my BS. I don't want a higher BS in the a.m. either. Conundrum here.
    I have been able to scale back on the Lantus but my morning fasting numbers are higher. I do not take the Humalog with my meal as I never finish it. It really boggles my mind that I have to eat carbs at all times just to maintain a steady BS. Feeding the insulin.

    People reading this probably think it's crazy. I need the Lantus as my doctor thinks I have no working pancreatic beta cells. At diagnosis my average a.m. fasting was 250 and higher. Only insulin can bring me within normal ranges. I've been lean my whole life and always ate healthy.

    I really do hope the pump can help you. I, myself, have considered it as these lows drive me crazy and stop me dead in my tracks. I eat sugar just to stay upright at work.

    If you find the pump helpful with the lows, let us know. I would be extremely gratified and it may lead me toward a better direction.

    I very rarely go low on the weekends as I am not as active. I really do know where you are coming from.

    The only pro I can see at the moment is that my A1C keeps coming down. The lows are not easy to live with.
    flutetooter responded:
    I am not on insulin or any diabetic meds, yet I find myself dropping 30-50 points on the meter when exercising hard, especially with weights or the TRX machine. A couple time I had to quit. Now I know to keep glucose tabs on my person, and take 1/2 (2 grams) every 15 minutes BEFORE I feel brain and body fog. I know of a type I doctor who has to keep glucose water handy every time he exercises. The trick is to anticipate. I also can eat a Glucerna bar (12 carbs) just before an hour of water exercise. Note that it isn't a lot of sugar- just enough. I have to be careful not of eat a lot when I get home and am hungry after exercising. That just stays in my system.
    If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!

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