Have difficulty exercising, please help with ideas of weight loss.
frilly posted:
Hey, My sugar levels are absolutely normal my doctor says. My problem is although I eat very sensibly I am disabled and therefor find it difficult to do enough exercise to use the calories I eat from the small amount I eat.
He says I am making too much Insulin which is of course then stored as fat. I walk around the house with a frame all day. I exercise on my bed for an hour every day, maybe miss one a week.
This exercise is as much to strengthen my back & core muscles as much as anything. My back is slowly compress fracturing. I have rods, screws & baskets holding it together. My ribs have been breaking so frequently that a normal xray & even cat scans it is difficult to see a break now. There are some that have broken again $ again,
I have lost a fair amount of height so my GP fears my rib cage will settle on my pelvis soon. That will make another range of problems.
I have about 30 kilos to lose at least. If anyone has any ideas I will be most grateful