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Type 2 Diabetes - Solution To Cutting Down Your Blood Sugar Significantly
lyteskynn29 posted:
I have the perfect answer to help in controlling your Type 2 diabetes.

I just found out during the week of Christmas last year (December 2012) that my blood sugar was over 500 and I was hospitalized for (2) two days. I was going to the bathroom urinating like 25 times or more per day (which was totally totally abnormal for me) every day...couldn't drink literally anything without running to it.

I didn't know I had Diabetes but that's life (things happen). They gave me a shot of insulin (which I didn't like in my stomach) and they kept trying to do things to bring it down (drinking alot of water) and more junk...

I left the hospital with a blood sugar count of 239 and it kept fluctuating
between 239 and 350 even after taking the pills recommend from the doctor.

To make a long story short I didn't want to take those Meta...something
pills they gave me.

God gave me the perfect solution to control it and I thank him for it.

I took a little bit of vinegar and place it over my baked chicken and ate it. My blood sugar dropped from 338 to about 120!!!!.

Your blood sugar should be between 70 to 150 which is normal.

I've started putting vingear in literally all my food and my blood sugar now stays between 83 to 120.

I test my blood sugar twice a day and I thank God he gave me the excellent and perfect solution.

I did change my eating pattern and cut out the fried mess and bake and broil every meat but always put a little vingear on them before eating.

I now eat Oreo Cookies (sugar-free), Skinny Cow ice cream (Sugar Free), Icebreaker mints (Sugar-free) and stick with water and different types of juices too but over all its great

My body feel great and I workout alot now and my strength in my muscles are the best ever (nice and strong and tight) and over all my body is now healed (because I had the signs in my hands, feet, the numbness, tiredness, bad blurry vision) my entire body is now literally restored all thanks to God and his goodness and giving me the perfection solution to lowering my blood sugar.

I'm not telling anyone not to take any meds that's been prescribed to them because I'm not a doctor but I know what worked for me and again I stopped taking the pills and I'm great.

There's something in vingear that actually get out all the junk in your blood to make it better when it comes down to processing foods differently.

In addition, I've lost alot of weight in the process and I'm very very very very happy to that too.

I just had to let you all know
nutrijoy responded:
This is actually nothing new. Studies have shown that vinegar improves insulin sensitivity as reported in the linked ADA article. There are also other countless reports reported in journals and forums for nearly a decade. Vinegar does exert a beneficial effect on lowering blood sugar but not to the extent that you claim or that your experience reflects. There are "recipes" available online for how to best use vinegar; usually one or two tablespoonfuls blended with other ingredients taken before a meal (instead of sprinkled on food) to obtain optimal effect. It is worth trying since it is an inexpensive ingredient but my own experience has been disappointing.

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