Its a different life
jscott418 posted:
When I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes it was no real surprise. My Father had it and his Father had it. What was surprising is that mine came on sooner in life. I think dealing with eating and maintaining blood sugar levels is very difficult because of the influences around you. My Wife and Daughter don't have diabetes so understanding is hard for them. I have also been a truck driver for much of my adult life. So eating on the road is even tougher. I end up at places with no real ability to eat as healthy as I should. Taking food with me has been tried but it ends up being a problem in itself keeping it stored and preparing it. In the end its up to you the diabetic to realize what you need to do and not to compromise. You can eat out, you can eat foods other people eat. But many times the portion size must be cut down. If you live within what your body can handle. You can be much healthier. Pills are not the answer as they only affect blood glucose levels a small amount compared to eating what your body can handle. Eating right is a much better and effective way to control diabetes.