Amazing Dolphins are "Bi-Diabetics" (they go both ways)
brunosbud posted:

Scientists studying Bottlenose dolphins have discovered these animals can turn diabetes off and on...

During extended periods where they go without food, they have the ability to become, Type 2 Diabetes. But, when food is plentiful and they're "chowing" down, they can "switch back" to normal blood sugar control. How they do has yet to be determined but may hold the key to controlling Type 2 Diabetes for humans in the future.

There's a couple things to this story that makes me wonder...

1. We're probably capable of doing this very thing.
2. How many "carbs" are in a sardine? ie., Too many proteins and fats can be just as unhealthy as too many carbs when eaten to excess.
3. In a age of instant food at your fingertips, portion size becomes tantamount.
nutrijoy responded:
Extremely low calorie diets have been shown to reverse diabetes in some people (see this WebMD article ). The mechanism is not fully understood but may be remotely related to the phenomenon see in the dolphins. Of course, it is extremely difficult to adhere to a 600-calorie diet other than for a limited period of time; otherwise, the threat of the starvation syndrome will start to kick in. The average adult human body requires more than 600 calories per day to sustain itself over the long haul.