prediabetic diagnosis
usedtobefitalso posted:
White. 56 yrs old. 197 lbs dressed (meaning clothed, not gutted like a deer.). FBS 132.
I did not eat healthy the night before my FBS test though I did fast for 9 hours. Ice cream is my friend. doc says I may be prediabetic. always been healthy but have put on a few (18) belly pounds in last 5 years. (went from 30 years of active job to last 5 years sedentary type work.) Just made pact with wife to eat much less (had 2034 extra cals today - 1400 after doc visit as last big hurrah as I climb on wagon). Am I too late to prevent the type 2.
brunosbud responded:
The answer to your question is "Yes, it's never too late!"

Now, here's my question to you: "Is it possible to look and feel young enough that a stranger could mistake you for being 40?"

It's not just "possible", it's "doable"! Why stop at diabetes? You're retired; what else do you have to do?