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    CRaper posted:
    I am a Type 2 diabetic and have been taking Metformin 150 mg for around two years. Recently I had bloodworm done and my A1C went up to 6.9. I discussed with my doctor that my morning glucose checks were consistently high -- anywhere from 130 to 150s. This morning it was 166 which was an hour after getting up and a cup of coffee only.

    When I talked to the doctor, he recommended increasing my med to 175 which I have been doing for about a week but am seeing absolutely no change and don't understand why.

    Any advise or information would be greatly appreciated.
    Anon_25201 responded:
    The lowest strength of Metformin is 500 mg. You would need to test before the coffee for a true fasting reading. This post sounds unreal.
    CRaper replied to Anon_25201's response:
    You obviously didn't see my last response. I didn't realize the typo when I said 150 should have said 500 which was increased to 750. Still a week after the increase, I am not seeing any change in my readings.

    Typically, I have always checked it first thing in the morning before i do anything but I am now trying to check it later in the morning as that is what other people have advised. Since I have been feeling sickly, it am waiting for consult my doctor regarding the change.

    Thanks for your response.
    Anon_25201 replied to CRaper's response:
    You're right - I didn't see your response since there were two separate posts and I answered the one at the top of the page.

    I was told to check for my FBS upon rising. Everyone is different, but I personally find that if I wait until after I've showered and dressed, my reading is significantly higher than if I check upon rising. You should certainly take it before eating or drinking anything because you really want a true fasting number.

    It will take more than a week to see any changes. You need to give this a month or so and then consult back with your doctor. I don't know if exercise is part of your routine or if you need to lose weight, but those two things are important factors in controlling your diabetes.
    CRaper replied to Anon_25201's response:
    Thanks, Anon...appreciate the advice and will revert back to checking first thing when I get up.

    And you could be right about the change in dosage. The past two mornings it has been significantly lower than last week. But also wonder if it was higher as I was having some other health issues at the time.......

    Would like to inquire of everyone if they have heard anything about apple cider vinegar and any affect it could have on diabetes. I was told to take it with a little water and a teaspoon of natural honey. I realize that could have caused the higher readings also. Have stopped at this point but would like to start again, if it doesn't cause any more problems. Any comments?
    auriga1 replied to CRaper's response:
    Do not add honey to anything, if you don't have to. Pure sugar. That's what caused your higher readings. If you need to little to add something sweet, consider the artificial ones.
    betatoo replied to CRaper's response:
    I drink apple cider vinegar every day. This because of several references in books, magazines, and online that consider it helpful for glucose readings. Usually, best before a meal. I use two tablespoons in a large water glass. Not too bad in the beginning, but you can really get used to it. In the last century, there was a drink that farmers used in many areas that called for water, vinegar, ginger, and sugar, This was very popular when working in the fields-great thirst quencher. So often when I drink my vinegar water I add ginger to it-ginger has an spicy lemon taste-great in water. So I would definitely try the vinegar water, but don't add the honey.
    CRaper replied to betatoo's response:
    Thank, Betatoo, I agree. I have read several articles that it was beneficial for glucose also. But at the same time, a lot of people think honey is good too!! Will start again and maybe try with my Splenda I use for my coffee. My doctor (cardiologist) has been recommending it for a few years for cholesterol control.
    betatoo replied to CRaper's response:
    If you need to sweeten the vinegar water, try using a little stevia instead. much healthier for you.

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