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    aspartame high blood sugar
    johnhk posted:
    Does anyone have experience with high blood sugar after drinking caffeine free diet coke with aspartame? My blood sugar went up over 200 before bedtime and also didn't sleep well. I count carbs so I don't think that was a problem. Got up frequently and broken sleep after that. I have chronic insomnia but this seemed worse than usual.
    auriga1 responded:
    No, I haven't. All I drink is diet sodas. Maybe experiment with one serving of your drink with aspartame and check your blood sugar two hours later. See what results are yielded. If your reading goes way up, then skip this particular drink. Don't eat any carbs with it when you do consume it.

    Sorry about the insomnia. This is a stressor to your body. Many times stress causes the blood sugar to rise.
    betatoo replied to auriga1's response:
    I pass on most sodas anymore. Haven't had one in about 3 weeks. When I do I use Zevia, a soda sweetened with stevia. Occasionally, there will be a time when a cold ginger ale or cola hits the spot. However, I really don't like the cokes, and pepsi anymore. They don't quench your thirst, and actually are designed to make you want more. Additions of caffeine, sweeteners and salt are nothing but a thirst maker!
    yrrejt responded:
    Most definately...any artifical sweetner makes my blook sugar go up just as if it were real sugar...wish it didn't tho,,,
    simonsam replied to yrrejt's response:
    I heard that aspartame gets converted to 'wood-alcohol' which is then converted to sugar by the liver! Ask your Doc about taking Metformin morning and night, start at night before bed.
    Metformin makes the liver p[ass on the conversion and may even help with any real or simulated insomnia. I have serious Cataplexy (No Narcolepsy, thanks).
    geni55 replied to simonsam's response:
    I guess if you were extremely sensitive to any sugar, the aspartame might cause you to have a reaction.
    'It is true, says Hattan (David G Hattan PhD) that aspartame ingestion results in the production of methanol, formaldehyde and formate — substances that could be considered toxic as high doses. But the levels formed are modest and substances such as methanol are found in higher amounts in common food products such as citrus juices and tomatoes.'
    I would not expect this to actually affect very many people, but we all know that not everyone has the same reaction to food or drugs. You might even consider this as an allergy to the product.
    dubyadd replied to geni55's response:
    I drink 16-20oz of diet tonic water per day (to control leg cramps) which contains aspartame , for the last 5 years, and take metformin 1000 X 2/day for 13 years. I have had the lowest blood sugar readings since becoming diabetic in the last year and my 2 most recent A1c results were 5.9 and 5.6. i did this by eating less of the bad foods and more of the good ones. By the way all my blood chemistry's are normal.

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