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childhood diabetes
jjc16105 posted:
our 5 yr. old has had few days of frequent urinating. when he goes it seems he stops abruptly, then a short time later has to go back in but has little or drops of urine to empty out. we did notice this happens more when he drinks milk or juice and when we are going somewhere/out of the house. i did have his dr. check his urine. no sugar or anything of note was found. they also did a finger prick test and his blood sugar level was 106, dr. said 105 the top of range. he did have lunch and drinks two-three hours before. dr. did not seemed very concerned about that. he does not seem to be excessively thirsty or losing weight. he is very active and seems to be healthy. any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated! thanks.
flutetooter responded:
Why do you title your post as "childhood diabetes"? Are you asking if your 5 yr. old has diabetes, or did the doctor tell you it was childhood diabetes? "dr. said 105 the top of range"? What range? A random blood sugar of 106 means nothing without much additional information especially if your child had lunch and drinks recently. Did the doctor check for a urinary tract infection? See if this pattern of frequent urinating continues, or if other symptoms such as excessive sleepiness after meals or other unusual things pop up. Does diabetes run in your families?
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!
jjc16105 replied to flutetooter's response:
the dr. did not say it was diabetes. i guess i should of been more clear, i meant if anyone had a similar situation thinking it was diabetes. 105 being the top of the range for a finger prick test. he had lunch two-three hours prior to the test. the dr. told me this was a fine reading. no UTI or sugar in the urine. my grandmother had diabetes. does it just take one family member or many for the disease to be passed on easier??? thanks.
flutetooter replied to jjc16105's response:
Nowhere in all I have read about diabetes does it say (in my opinion) that 105 is the top of the range for a finger prick test. We prick our fingers many times a day and some people even go up to 300, which is very dangerous, 600, and higher. He probably meant for fasting sugar which requires 12 hours without food, but even if that is what he was saying, the number 105 is not the correct cutoff in labelig prediabetes or diabetes. Also, your son had not been fasting.

You might reach a better understanding with your doctor as to what he meant. For sugar to spill into the urine requires the blood sugar to be very high. How old is your doctor? Is he a pediatrician?
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!
jjc16105 replied to flutetooter's response:
actually i clarified w/dr. said that 106 was a good range since he had food/drinks few hours prior.

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