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    What about Glucalite?
    wiredgun posted:
    Does anybody have personal experience using Glucalite? I've been researching this product and their formulation appears to use the right constituents in the right form and volume. I've had some good luck with ala carte nutritional supplements, but altogether they're so damned expensive. I need an all-in-one solution. Any ideas?
    flutetooter responded:
    I looked up their site to try to find out what was in Glucalite and found a bunch of mumbo jumbo made up scientific sounding words, plus a list of everyday good foods that they say the pills contain but not in that strength or quantity or exact kind, plus they say they will also give you some good advice plus some vitamins.

    In other words you would be buying a "pig in a poke". Save your money and look at Dr. Michael Dansinger's good advice (upper right corner of this page). Eat normal low glycemic veggies a lot and lean meats and avoid deserts and white foods.

    I don't think there is any all-in-one-solution for diabetes because diabetic patients don't come in all-in-one problem.
    If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!
    wiredgun replied to flutetooter's response:
    Hi Flutetooter, thanks for your input. Actually, I did research the nutrients they claim to use in their product and they do check out to be the best in class. I also downloaded and read their book, which was written by an M.D. and a Registered Dietitian, and offered what is commonly held to be dietary and nutritional best practices.

    They also published a pilot clinical study, which I also read (a little dry, but that's science) cover to cover so I'm pretty comfortable with their science. I've found a lot of these products that claimed to submit to clinical trials, but none that have actually published it. That's gutsy!

    This is why I was asking for anybody who has actual "personal" experience using Glucalite, not an opinion of the writing on the website. But thanks anyhow.
    Anon_320 replied to wiredgun's response:
    You're involved in selling the stuff, aren't you?
    wiredgun replied to Anon_320's response:
    Nope, but I'd like to know if anybody is using the stuff. I've been using Glucose Essentials, but I want something that will help me get below 100 in the morning. If you know somebody who is using it, I would like to know if it performs as well for them as the company claims it does. It costs a lot more, but if it works I'll pay it. I'm not interested in the opinion of somebody that only read the website, I can do that for myself.
    nutrijoy replied to wiredgun's response:
    I haven't used it but I have taken Glucose Essentials as well as a half dozen others when I was diagnosed over five years ago. I have also taken many of the ingredients specified in GlucaLite's ingredients list in pure form. None did much of anything in terms of lowering my blood glucose levels. Of course, the primary mechanism of action of most of these diabetes supplements is to reduce insulin resistance and my problem was a failing pancreas that was not producing sufficient insulin (confirmed by two C-peptide blood tests). Based on the wording of the promotional material, I would bank on it just being more of the same hype. If you want to try it, set a definitive time table (e.g., 60 or 90 days) and if you fail to see much in the way of results, don't continue to waste your money on something that is likely to be more fluff and promise than reality. Also, if you would like to read a copy of their book/pamphlet (its only around 60 pages), here's a direct link so that you don't have to register and risk compromising your email address:
    GlucALite: The Blood Sugar Miracle
    Note: even the title is suspect as there is no such thing as a "miracle" supplement or the world would have flocked to it long ago. Caveat emptor.
    wiredgun replied to nutrijoy's response:
    Thanks for the feedback NutriJoy. I am also using Glucose Essentials right now and have enjoyed some success, but not quite as good as the ala carte supplements. The problem with them is they are killing my wallet to the tune of almost $300 a month, so an all-in-one for $70 a month would be just what I need if it works. I have also download and read their book, as well as their pilot study, but their study group was a bit small (I believe 40 people) though their results were encouraging.

    Glucalite interested me because they list all 20 of the exact supplements I'm taking right now ala carte, plus three more that I haven't been taking. So that's why I'm interested in hearing from people that use it. I don't have a problem with insulin secretion like you, my problem my is insulin sensitivity is all but gone. But thanks anyway, and if you run into anybody with experience with it I would appreciate it if you send them my way.
    betatoo replied to wiredgun's response:
    You would be diligent to remember that many times internet sales and quality of supplements goes hand in hand. FDA and other agencies do not monitor supplements so you really don't know what you are getting. If someone like Consumer Reports had a report on dietary supplements for diabetes, I would be jumping on the wagon. Until then I think I will skip all of these supplementary potions.
    brunosbud replied to wiredgun's response:
    "Glucalite interested me because they list all 20 of the exact supplements I'm taking right now ala carte..." Gee, what a coincidence...Imagine that!

    I hope the supplement works for you. I'll pay $70 a month if I could eat "normal", again...

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