canned soup and diabetes
elwood9 posted:
a friend told me that canned soup is bad for people. that they can get diabetes for them is this true
mrscora01 responded:
No one single food will give you diabetes. Sometimes a food "lifestyle" will affect you, but even this is not always true. Many people lead an excellent lifestyle but get diabetes anyway. Canned soup does not give you diabetes.

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Debsbears responded:
Canned soups are loaded with a large amount of sodium as a preserver. If one has to limit their sodium intake 90% of canned products should not be consumed.

If you google canned soup and diabetes you will get many things to look at as to why diabetics should not eat canned soups.

Homemade soups can be made diabetic friendly by using healthy ingredients.

Because I am limited in my sodium intake I avoid can goods. I am a label reader to avoid sodium and sugars.
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cookiedog responded:
There are low sodium soups which are not that great nutritionally but they are better for diabetics than regular canned soups. Trader Joes has some nice low sodium soups.

While diabetics should avoid processed foods which are high sodium, canned soup will not cause a person to develop diabetes.