wieght lose
arliejo posted:
I am very concerned about my cousin who is a type 2 diabetic.
She needs to lose weight but keeps telling me that her doctor said she can't lose weight because she takes two different insulin a day.
Is this true?
anon615 responded:
Perhaps the doctor meant that insulin is a fat storage hormone and people often gain weight when using it. However, if she follows a good diet and stays away from junk food then she will lose some weight and possibly be able to reduce or come off insulin.

Anon_320 responded:
WebMD has a food and fitness tracker that has helped me lose weight and lower my blood glucose levels significantly. It will track calorie intake and calories burned by activity, and carbs, as well as things like sodium and saturated fat.

If your cousin isn't motivated, though, there's not a lot you can do, unfortunately.

Has she spoken to a nutritionist?
Richard157 responded:
I am type 1 since 1945 and I gained weight in the 1990's.I am using both basal and bolus insulins. I reduced my carb intake from 200 to 130 carbs per day, and increased my exercise. I lost 34 pounds in one year.