Reactive Hypoglycemia?
SarahBear9708 posted:
Anyone here have it? One of my friends does and is having a hard time managing it. What helps you? What hurts you? Do you take any supplements that help? Anything can help at this point!
Thanks in advance!
flutetooter responded:
Once my doctor wrote "reactive hypoglycemia" on my chart, not knowing what else to cause my extreme reaction to relatively small increases or decrease in blood sugar. I was getting hyper when it rose and hypo when it fell, but ONLY when it did that rapidly. The "cure" was the same as the diabetic diet -- low glycemic food and eat smaller amounts more often, so as not to cause a big rise and subsequent drop. Our bodies can't handle a lot of sugars because our insulin production doesn't match the amount we eat - UNLESS we eat those smaller amounts.
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