Hi I am have a question for you
Justhealthier posted:
I have been reading just not posting - am type 2 D - well controlled Jan. A1c was 5.1% - not on meds. Okay here's my problem I was just diagnosed with pseudo intestinal obstruction and bacterial overgrowth.

I have watched my diet carefully for years now with this new problem to avoid surgery I have to change my diet to one that does not work for a diabetic. What do you think I can eat based on the below chart that will fit a diabetic - I see a dietitian next month.

I was told no wheat or high fiber, no raw veggies, no skins or seeds, no fats and eat 5 -6 small meals a day.

The above site is not what I eat I haven't for years. Help if you can, please. julie
Justhealthier responded:
I guess no one can help me - thanks anyway.
betatoo responded:
Based on what I see from your link, and the low residue idea, you do have a problem, but not as bad as you made it seem. Obviously you are forced to eat more of the cooked than the raw now. I usually have lots of vegetables(cooked) and some lean protein. I skip all of the white starches which unfortunately are on your link diet. I also eat salad a lot, which you will not be able to.

So taking this into consideration, for now I would eat plenty of cooked veggies, continue with lean protein and forget starches accept in small amounts-one slice of bread, 1/2 cup of pasta. Limit even the frequency of these, and see what happens.

I feel your pain, best of luck!
Justhealthier replied to betatoo's response:
Thanks for your input - it will be very tricky. I will giving up all breads because right now I only eat WW w/flax seed and sunflower seeds. I have not had white bread ever so it isn't happening now.
Cooked veggies is better than none. I will not do the pasta way too many carbs for me.

I eat eggs instead of cereal so that is still okay. there is always my chicken and fish. Some of my fruits are still on the list so at least I will not be starving. Oh I still can have my black coffee and water.

My Dr. called yesterday to tell me I might end up having surgery anyway because I have a narrowed spot in my colon. He'll try a balloon first. But this diet will be life long he said. Life goes on. Thanks again for your help.
Always appreciate the small things in life - Julie