What could cause this
Rocknrobbin1122 posted:
My boyfriend is on 95 units of insulin 2x a day. This morning he took his 95 units and has eaten the following over the last nine hours... Coffee with sugar, instant oatmeal, chicken and noodles, M&M's , a TV dinner consisting of Salisbury steak, potatoes and corn. He is a big guy so I'm sure the portions were larger than he should have eaten. He checked his Sugar at Noon today it was 86 and 4 hours later it has dropped to 79. Should this be right?
auriga1 responded:
Well, it seems the insulin is working.

I must say his diet is not very diabetic friendly. If he cut out nearly everything he ate in the last nine hours, except for the protein, he could probably cut back on the insulin dosage. Must say, that is a lot of insulin he is using.

If he is active throughout the day, that also could be why ihs BS numbers are within the normal range.