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An_251051 responded:
You eat your way - I'll eat my way. What works for you might not work for everyone else. Please quit trying to telling everyone they need your diet.

If you read the study you will find that out of the 1000 only 99 stayed with the program and only 49 actually did the vegan diet.

My doctor my dietitian set up my plan for ME and it works, I am not on diabetes meds and my A1c is 5.1%.
brunosbud responded:
Look at the age of the article and references. Still, a plant based diet and daily exercise clearly produces best results.
What does this say about the fact that we know this, but few can eat this way? What does this say that most doctors, even today, prescribe diabetes medications, first, on new diabetes diagnosis?
betatoo replied to brunosbud's response:
Bruno, the Dr.s are not all at fault here. I had the argument about medication when first diagnosed. Didn't take it, and made major changes. My Dr. later said that if I continued to go in the direction I was going that I should never have to take meds. So I asked him why he pushed them in the beginning. He said that most of his patience were more happy to take a pill than make the committed life change that living with diabetes and reversing it has to take. In the long run he has apologized for the original assumption, and give me more leeway with my health care. Nowadays we are more of a partnership in my health care which is a great relationship.
brunosbud replied to betatoo's response:
Yesterday, I took my mother to see her doctor for her annual physical. As I sat in the waiting room, I saw 5 patients arrive at the office and led to a wait room in 30 minutes. No patient waited for more than 10 minutes in the waiting room. Three patients saw the physician for less than 10 minutes and left before my mother's physical was finished. What is happening, here? Does anyone wish to venture a guess?

Of course, the doctors are not all at fault...

Doctors will tell you what they're obligated to tell you: "Patient's Miranda Rights"

  1. You need to stop smoking
  2. You need to stop drinking alcohol and soda
  3. You need to eat more fruits and vegetables
  4. You need to walk at least 30 minutes, 5 days a week, at the very least
  5. You need to lose 10 -15 pounds
Did the doctor say to eat fig leaves, vinegar, gofee bean extract or human growth hormone? Did he tell you to drink only lemon juice and go on a 10 day fast? Yes or no?...Is the "Patient's Miranda Rights" wrong, deceptive or ambiguous in any way???

If you answer, "No", then, "Next patient, please..."
If you answer, "Yes", then, "Next patient, please..."

Doctors at not all at fault; Doctor's aint messin' around, anymore! Change your lifestyle or take the pill (or shot). Either way, I've got a business to run. Choice is yours...

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