am I diabetic?
An_251268 posted:
Hello im 18 years old. Lately I have been feeling very tired and lacking energy. I then started to get very thursty and dry mouth alot. Then the waking up in the middle of the night to go for the toilet started. I am not able to sleep whwn I go to bed I have tried sleeping with the tv on and off. I have been getting very itchy skin and my eyes have started to go blury. I wear glasses when I suffer from headaches so I have put the headaches and everything down to me not wearing my glasses properly. I am suffering quitw alot with itchig down below also dont know if this could be relaited in anyway... I have been suffering with pins and needles in my hands and feet and some mornings when I get out od bed my feet feel so swolwn ans unable to walk as they arw uncomfortable. Sometimes I feel like I am goubg to fainy and have yo gey a sugary drink or something to eat to stop myself from falling. I have completely lost my apitite lately and lost a hell of a lot of weight. Im 5'5 and weigh 7st5lb.. tonight I have developed a pain in my upper right abdomen witch is going into my back. Is any of this related. I know I have a lot of problems at the momebt but could they be related to one problem.. please help

Many thanks jade xx
Anon_320 responded:
Jade, nobody here can possibly diagnose you. You really need to be seen by a doctor so you can find out what's going on and get any necessary treatment. This is not something for you to guess about. Please don't put off getting checked out by a doctor.
jadedean1100 replied to Anon_320's response:
Thank you for your reply.. im going to get in with a emergency doctor today x