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Blood glucose reading ?
roger100 posted:
This is weird. I am pre diabetic, so I check my blood sugar on a regular bases. Doing a finger prick, I average 99 to 114, which is not bad. If I have my blood taken from my arm at a lab, my blood sugar will run 124 to 143 with an A1c of 5.7. I can understand a slight differential, between the lab & a finger prick, but up to 40 mg/dl, I don't understand. My wife doesn't have this problem using the same meter, plus I have used a different meter with the same results. why ???
AbDiabetes88 responded:
Hi, Roger! I have had this issue before as well, and it concerned me because I am type 1, and I was very concerned because I thought my meter might be bad! However, my doctor explained to me that often you get different blood readings from different areas of your body. For example, your sugars could register as lower in your finger than in your arm! So this could be the case with you too. My doctor also told me that it isn't like that for everyone, because everyone's body handles diabetes differently, which could explain why your wife doesn't have the same problem. Hope this helps!
roger100 replied to AbDiabetes88's response:
Thanks for the reply. I can understand a small differential in readings when taking blood from different parts of the body, but this makes my finger pricks at home virtually useless. I took readings this AM using both of my meters..they both read 91 mg/dl. I have no idea what a lab reading might be at this time. If a labs reading was.. say 140, then I need a reading at home around 60....that's not going to happen. I thought that your A1c was the bottom line..isn't it ?
mrscora01 responded:
The industry standard for accuracy is /- 20%. So if your blood sugar is actually 100, then the meter can read anywhere from 80 to 120. What you should do is take your meter along to the lab and test when they take your blood. Then do a comparison. I have a Freestyle Lite and it always reads between 6 and 8% higher than what the lab says. I've done this several times and I know it is quite consistent. So if my machine says 70, then I know I am actually lower than that and I take something.

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roger100 replied to mrscora01's response:
Great idea ! I'll take my meter along to the lab next time.

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