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    I feel like a rabbit ----
    Debsbears posted:
    Hi to those who remember me - I am the one with a lot of medical issues sorry for being gone so long but I am trying to adjust to eating like a rabbit. Not a bird.

    I was told by my dietitian to balance out my carbs eat fiber with it. Well that was then now a whole new food plan, many I am sure will again with it but I am struggling with it. Because of the removal of my colon I was told to increase my fiber intake more whole grains etc.....

    I have recently learned I have small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBOG) caused by my intestines shutting down and my high fiber diet. My autonomic dysfunction is also causing problems with all my heart and lungs.

    I am on a food plan designed for someone with IBS. I am not allowed any extra fiber, no nuts, no wheat products, no gluten and extremely low carbs balanced with equal amounts of protein. Most fruits are now on my do not eat list because of the sugars and/or skins and seeds.

    I am eating salads with bell peppers, carrots, pea pods. I can eat squash, sweet potatoes, yellow potatoes. Fish, Salmon, no skin chicken breast. I eat 0% fat Greek yogurt like it is going out of style. I also can have avocados which I do eat. The only bread I can have in moderation is rye.

    Since I am now on an antibiotic I do not know how good my sugars are because the antibiotics raise my sugars. This is my new food plan and I have to stick to it to prevent the SIBOG from coming back. Life goes on, I shall conquer this. I'll post an update on my sugars in a few weeks when things normalize. Forgot to mention I am still diabetic med free 3 yrs now. Last A1c which was in March was 5.5%. Thanks for reading, Deb.
    I shall wait upon the Lord and renew my strength.

    adaptomom responded:
    Good to see you back on here, Deb--not very many familiar names any more when I check, which is not as often as I used to when there was a moderator. Wow, you've had quite an ordeal! Glad to hear you're adapting so well, it can't be easy! Your low A1c, med-free, is an inspiration!
    Debsbears replied to adaptomom's response:
    Thanks for the reply adaptomom - I have noticed the changes since I have been gone. My title was meant to be more on the lighter side attitude because of my food changes I do hope I didn't offend anyone. A veggie based diet is a good one.

    It is just taking me awhile to adapt to it because of how I was taught to eat - you need to eat more fiber etc... which all my past Drs. were saying was healthy. But everybody's bodies are not the same. Fiber and wheat can not be tolerated by everyone so I found out. In my case it did more harm than good.

    I do have to eat more veggies (hence the rabbit comment), but have to watch what kinds thanks to my digestive system and the way I metabolize everything. Actually my food plan now is more strict than before very limiting. This should be good for my sugars.

    Today was the first day without antibiotics and my waking sugars were 78. So I think this will go well - Deb.
    I shall wait upon the Lord and renew my strength.

    auriga1 replied to Debsbears's response:
    Deb, good number. Hope all is going well for you.

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