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blood sugar number
anon615 posted:
A friend of mine told me today that my blood sugar is too low. It is in the low seventies, fasting. She said it should be in the nineties. I have been diabetic for more than twenty years and use only diet and exercise to control blood sugar. She is on meds and a little insulin. Am I correct in thinking that those on meds and insulin might correctly try to keep their sugars in the nineties, fasting, but on no meds 73 or 74 is not a dangerous number? I am t2 but she is probably neither 1 or 2 but at one time had pancreatitis and some sort of gall bladder and other health problems and it has been about a year since the doctor said she also has diabetes.

nutrijoy responded:
NORMAL blood glucose level is 82 to 83 (averages for healthy, non-diabetic adults). However, the range for healthy non-diabetics is 70 to 85 with some people going as low as 65 (usually younger teens and pre-teens). If your BG levels is in the 70 to 85 range, it is both safe and healthy. I am insulin-dependent myself and when my blood glucose readings fall within the 65 to 85 range, it is a non-actionable event and I do nothing to correct it. It is only when it goes below 65 that I either eat something or chew on a glucose bit or tablet (a bit contains one gram of glucose and a tablet contains 4 grams). Your friend is wrong about the "it should be in the nineties" situation which actually indicates hyper-normal (but still safe).
anon615 replied to nutrijoy's response:
Thanks. It is sometimes in the 80's but I have gone off a beta blocker which I believe raises blood sugar (and also lipids) so numbers in the 90's were not unheard of. Also, because of hip surgery have had to cut back on cardio exercises and am mostly doing hip rehab exercises. So I really don't know what is normal yet for me and will have to wait until I am back to my more normal activities. I wonder if my friend's doctor gave her that information? I will have to ask where she got it.

auriga1 replied to anon615's response:
I agree with NurtiJoy, anon615. IMO, I think you are in the perfectly normal range.

I, too, am insulin dependent. I do the exact same thing as NutriJoy when I go "lower" than the "norm." I do not do anything unless I go below 65. Just a little bit more checking than normal so I don't go low any further.

I wouldn't even worry about where the information came from. Sometimes, these higher numbers are given out if a person is older.

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