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Debsbears posted:
Has anyone tried the new natural sugar out called Nectresse?

I currently use Sugar in the Raw which doesn't raise my sugars at all and it is all natural.

Nectresse is suppose to be more sweeter than sugar so you use less.

I can not tolerate any artificial sugars because it irritates my stomach so this one sounds promising, it is also suppose to be good for diabetics.
I shall wait upon the Lord and renew my strength.

barb10562 responded:
I tried it once and didnt like the taste-leaves an aftertaste for me.
Debsbears replied to barb10562's response:
Thanks Barb I ordered a sample just to try it. So we will see what it taste like.
I shall wait upon the Lord and renew my strength.

nutrijoy responded:
I haven't tried Nectresse personally but I have checked out it's ingredients. Nectresse"122 sweetener is a combination of Monk Fruit extract blended with other "natural" sweeteners that include erythritol, sugar and molasses. It is NOT a "no calorie" sweetener but is a low-cal (< 5 calories) one containing about 1 to 2 grams of carbs per serving. This can impact blood glucose levels and raise them approximately five to ten points in many diabetics. It's not significant but can still impose an additive effect for many. If the diabetic has beta cells capable of still producing plenty of insulin, s/he will be able to offset this modest rise without too much difficulty. However, for diabetics who are insulin-dependent, they will have to factor the extra grams of carbs into consideration when calculating their insulin dosage in order to prevent undesired increases in their BG levels. I personally avoid any sweetening agent that includes dextrose (e.g., Truvia) or sugar/molasses (e.g. Nectresse) in their ingredients as I don't like to ingest anything that will raise my BG levels unless it is an intentional consumption of an "off plan" meal or entre.

To obtain a diverse and wide range of different user opinions, I often access Amazon's Customer Reviews for/on a particular product to see what others have to say. There were a total of 89 customer reviews for the Nectresse sweetener with a composite average rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. Not exactly stellar but not too terribly bad for a new product. The most helpful favorable review on Amazon summed it up as follows:
Very nearly like sugar
Works great in cold beverages
Okay for hot beverages (see cons below)
No 'cooling effect'
Worked reasonably in a baking application
No synthesized, chemical ingredients

Contains trace amounts of sugar and molasses
"Natural" but not necessarily non-GMO
Not exactly zero calories (greater than two servings likely greater than 5 calories)
Very slightly bitter aftertaste in hot beverages
Slight honey-like overtones added to the sweetness
The 'natural' moniker is relative: it contains some refined sugar and is not necessarily from non-GMO sources

There are plenty of unfavorable reviews as well so have fun browsing.
Debsbears replied to nutrijoy's response:
I have read the reviews first before posting here - They are sending 2 packets in about 2 weeks, I'll see what it does to my sugars and what it taste like. Thanks for your reply.

I currently use "Sugar in the Raw" 1 tsp = 4grms carbs in 12oz of coffee and that doesn't raise my sugars at all.
I shall wait upon the Lord and renew my strength.

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