jasononsweets posted:
My doctor is not available as it is Sunday and I forgot to take my Lantus Solostar 38 units last night. Should I take it this morning at 9 am ? I called Lantus and they did not have the answer...
jasononsweets responded:
Anyone ever do this?
auriga1 replied to jasononsweets's response:
Yes, I have. I didn't want to screw up my schedule of taking one dose in the morning, so I let it go. I waited until the next morning. I don't know about you, but I was working hard during the day and my blood sugar stayed in the 80's. When I ate, I did take the Humalog so my BS wouldn't go up.

You'll be O.K. I know it's scary. If you take your full dose at 9:00 a.m., you would have to adhere to that schedule from now on or skip it. Some people split their doses, half every 12 hours. It works for them. I haven't tried it though.

I see you didn't get any answers from others. If you haven't taken it yet, just stick the schedule you developed.
jasononsweets replied to auriga1's response:
Thank you and yes no one else responded and I appreciate your help. I will wait until tonight to take it again.... my BS did rise but not above 200... thanks again!!
Debsbears replied to jasononsweets's response:
Sorry I didn't respond - it's just that I do not take insulin so I wouldn't have known what to do.
I shall wait upon the Lord and renew my strength.