60 yr old dad
An_252186 posted:
my father has been diagnosed with diabetes since 2006 he won't take medication he has lost 50 pounds, hes constipated he can't eat says he has a lot of pain in his legs he puts a lot of bengay on for the poison and also there are br own spots on his legs. With his weight loss he is 6 ft and weighs 120 hes very thin. what could this be the beginning off?
mrscora01 responded:
Your Dad needs to see a doctor. This sounds like uncontrolled diabetes and it's complications (gastro and circulatory problems). If that is the problem and he continues to not take meds or take care of himself he may get organ failure (heart, eyes, kidneys) or lose limbs.

Sorry I can't be more positive, but it sounds like he is in a dangerous situation.

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