cnadygirl53 posted:
Hello to all. It has been a while since I posted but have been trying to take care of myself and staying active. I went back to the doctor, because as you know I have been having these uti infections like crazy, but have made some small changes. She told me it's not a uti but some kind of bacteria, and I had blood in my urine, then she told me to stop drinking kool aid, which is the poor man's drink, and coffee and tea unless it's decaffeinated. From now on cranberry juice light and sugar free, and if I insist on drinking water with some kick crystal light and sugar free. But my blood sugar was 108. feeling really nauseated right now and don't have much of an appetite am taking my antibiotics as prescribed and am currently just waiting it out. I am doing good with my weight in January of this year my weight was 242 pounds, my doctor and I began a weight lose plan and I am proud to say I stuck with it my weight is currently 214 so far I lost 28 pounds. But still have a good ways to go I wish to be under 200 pounds but am very encouraged by my progress so far. Things will be better soon but am still singing off don't have it any more, free at last, free at last.
auriga1 responded:
Congrats to you candygirl. That's a major milestone. Keep up the good work! Slow and easy is the way to do it.

Taking care of yourself is the only way to go. Who else is going to do it, if not you? Way to go.
betatoo responded:
Keep up the good fight. You already know how much easier it is got get around with 28 off, how about 42! The easier it becomes to move, the more you'll want to if you are serious about things, which by your testimony you are!