Sores in nose
DonnaOT posted:
I was just referred to an ENT due to having a sore in my nose that just wont heal. The doctor said it looks like nasal folliculitis. I read on line that it is common with diabetes ( I have had T1 for 2 years). Does anyone have any experience with this?

MrsCora01 responded:
I had that for a while a number of years ago. I don't know too many people with diabetes that have it, but I know it happens to some people. I had success using a pair of tweezers and pulling out the "offending" hair (owie) and treating with peroxide on a q-tip. I don't know why it started (had diabetes over 30 years when it started) but it cleared up on it's own too.

Have you talked to a dermatologist about this? There may be some sort of antibiotic cream that can help.

Best of luck.