Accidental insulin exposure
CalamityKen posted:
I accidentally stuck myself in my hand with my diabetic cat's needle filled with ProZinc insulin.

I don't think I got exposed to much of the ProZinc (plunger didn't get pushed), but I did bleed a bit and a little 1 inch circle rash (or something) developed about 2 inches from where I got stuck.

It has been about an hour and it is starting to fade.

Should I worry?

mrscora01 responded:
Even if you had injected yourself with some insulin, you would be ok. Your liver would put out extra glucose if your blood sugar started to drop. I would be more worried about being scratched by the cat.

How are you feeling? From thesound of it you didn't even get a single unit. That would not drop you much in any case.

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CalamityKen replied to mrscora01's response:
Thank you for your response and insights Cora!

About 10 minutes after the stick I felt nauseous, but that was more likely from eating my breakfast on the run, or from worrying about the stick. 8^)

Other than the little circle reddish rash (which is nearly gone), I seem fine.

Thanks for your insights Cora! I really appreciate it!