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Indentation on my lower right calf
Francinew2 posted:
Hi I have type 2 diabetes, and my feet, ankle calf area are swollen. I understand that it is common, but I saw something that kind of scared me. When I was sitting on my bed I was leaning on my leg ( I know bad bad bad) I switched sitting positions and I saw in the back of my leg a deep dent. It felt like clay... like I can mold my skin into something. After a minute it went back to normal. I remember my Doctor telling me that the swollen is normal with diabetes, but if you ever press down on your leg and the dent stays ... there is a problem. I think he said that there might not be enough blood flow going to your leg. I'm just wondering has anyone had this problem or do you know what it means to have an indentation on the leg????
davedsel responded:

There are a number of conditions that could cause the symptoms you describe. It does not matter if anyone else has had this problem. You need to find out why you are experiencing these symptoms. The only way to know exactly what is happening is to see your doctor for evaluation and treatment.
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nutrijoy responded:
Dave is correct in his statement that the condition can be due to more than one cause. However, by far the most common is water retention and the fact that it returned to normal within a minute may indicate that this may be your problem (although a cardiovascular factor can't be totally ruled out). My own endocrinologist normally tests for excessive fluid retention by pressing on the front of the lower leg in various locations near the bone using a finger or thumb. If it leaves a depression that lasts more than a few seconds, he suspects abnormal fluid retention. If the depression persists for more than 30 seconds, he often suggests/prescribes a diuretic depending on the age of the patient and their BMI. For those closer to "normal (weight-wise)," he simply prescribes more physical activity (exercise) and when sitting, to elevate the legs on a chair or ottoman to improve blood flow/circulation.
Debsbears responded:

I have idiopathic edema meaning unknown cause. Water retention throughout my body. This is not caused by diabetes.

I also have venous insufficiency which is causing swelling of my lower legs. This condition is caused by the blood flow going both ways. This condition also caused me to have many severe spider veins and large varicose veins my treatment was Sclerotherapy, I still need a procedure done for the venous insufficiency. Not caused by diabetes.

I would suggest that you see a vascular doctor to start out with to see if your swollen legs are caused by your veins.

Other possibilities can be one's heart, kidneys and/or the bladder. Weigh yourself daily in the AM if you are gaining more than 3-5lbs a day it would suggest a water retention problem and it needs to be addressed.

My diabetes is in control A1c 5.5% in June 2013. I still have swollen legs. So please be checked out to see what the cause is. Deb
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